About Darian Bojeaux


Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychobiology at UCLA

Doctorate of Law Degree from Loyola Law School

Admitted to practice and a member of the Bar of the California State Courts

Admitted to practice before the federal court of the United States, Central District of California

Admitted to practice and a member of the Bar of the Court and an Officer of the United States Supreme Court


Over 35 years of experience practicing law in numerous fields, including but not limited to civil litigation, court bench trials, jury trials, personal injury and wrongful death (automobile, pedestrian, motorcycle, big rig, electrocution, slip/trip and fall, and ski resort negligence), appellate practice, real estate, contracts, injunctive relief, conservatorships, probate, estate planning, legal and medical malpractice, defamation, family law, bankruptcy, and criminal law.   

Litigated, settled, and tried numerous cases, including high profile cases against celebrities, resulting in settlements (some confidential) and verdicts ranging beyond $1,000,000. 


House Counsel for Essex Manor Hotel Apartments.


House Counsel for The Paulee Company.

House Counsel for Associated Home Loan Company.

Served as a Judge Pro Tem in West Los Angeles, and as Arbitrator for the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Published articles and letters in Los Angeles Daily Journal read by the legal community.

Developed the $200 per hour arbitrator-mediator list utilized by members of Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)

Honors and Awards:

AVVO lawyer rating:  10 for Superb

Participated in drafting the Hobbs-Bojeaux Beverly Hills TNR (Trap Neuter Release) Ordinance enacted by the Beverly Hills City Council.

2013 Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles Presidential Award for outstanding contribution to the association.

2014 Consumer Attorneys of California President’s Award of Merit for service

above and beyond the call of duty and in recognition of extraordinary dedication to Consumer Attorneys of California and those we represent.

2017 Law Talk Swiss Army Knife Award for being the most indispensable List-Mate.

2017 Top-Rated Lawyer by Avvo.com

Television Appearances:

SoCal Connected, KCET

Celebrity Justice

Today Show

Law Talk, Beverly Hills Television

The Dare Show

Other Interests:

An activist in Beverly Hills politics, opposing overdevelopment, and involvement in other civic issues.  Successfully  co-led opposition to Measure HH in 2016.

UDLA, Unification of Disabled Latin Americans, which helps disabled Latin Americans and other disabled minority members.

R.E.A.D.S., The Read Project.org which puts orphans in Kenya through school.

The Dare Show:

The Dare Show episodes were filmed and aired on public access television, are a bit on the campy side, and were designed to explain legal topics and to point out the need for improvement in our legal system.  The shows may be viewed on the Video section of this website, as construction of this website progresses, with the caveat that the shows are informative but technically imperfect. 

The Dare Show episodes include:

   Conservatorship Injustice (3/29/06)

   Arbitration Injustice (5/30/06)

   The Truth about the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case (8/4/06)

   The Truth about Unfair Contract Provisions (1/17/07)

   The Truth about Car Insurance (4/11/07)

   The Truth about the Litigation Privilege (7/13/07)

   How to Handle a Small Claims Case (11/2/07)

What people say about Darian Bojeaux:


   "My daughter had a medical malpractice case, and because of the difficulty and expense involved, it was not the kind of case attorneys like to take.  Darian Bojeaux was the only attorney who agreed to step up to the plate and help my daughter.  Darian worked very hard on the case, advanced a lot of money for experts, and she was able to settle this case, which no one else would take, for $685,000 from one of the medical facilities and its physicians.  Darian made a big difference for my daughter and is one of the hardest working people I know."  

S. Hosea, Los Angeles

  "I had a case in which my original attorney left me cold in the middle of it.  It was a hopeless, frustrating situation, but attorney Darian Bojeaux picked up the case and was able to settle it within a very short period of time for my six figure uninsured/underinsured policy limits, the largest amount I could possibly recover from my insurance company.  I became a happy camper, and I highly recommend Darian." 

E. Otubuah, Chino Hills, California.

   "Darian Bojeaux Esq. has been my attorney for about the last 25 years and there is no person I trust more on this earth than her.  She has solved several cases for me with excellent results, one even virtually on the courthouse steps the morning of the trial, the whole time advising patience. Of course, she was right as usual."  Steven Seck. Bellflower, California.

   Darian is a rare attorney who places the interests of her clients first and provides simple, speedy, wise legal advice in an effort to help her clients avoid long, complicated and expensive future proceedings.  Darian's strong procedural and substantive legal background gives her a unique advantage over most lawyers.  We have been very satisfied to have Darian represent and fight for our interests.  We also trust her implicitly, and love her warm, relaxed, competent and professional approach to the practice of law.

  Zeke Warsaw, Marina del Rey, California

   Darian came to my rescue.  During our trial, she was so creative with her timing and deployment of facts and witnesses that the judge had all the truth in hand.  We won and were even awarded all attorney fees.  We are so happy.”

Michael Robles, Newport Beach, California.

  “Darian Bojeaux is Lois Lane on the outside, but Superman on the inside!  If you like the way Bobby Fisher plays chess, then you’ll fully appreciate Darian’s strategic legal moves.  She knows how to close a case....checkmate.”  P. Solberg, Post Falls, Idaho.


   I have known Darian Bojeaux for many years and I have always been impressed by her dedication to her clients and her passion for protecting the disadvantaged.  If you have Darian on your side, she will not be outworked.  Her strong sense of justice and refusal to take the easy road set her apart from the rest in the field.”  Barry Bernstein, Encino, California.

   Darian Bojeaux is an incredibly gifted lawyer.  Brilliant of mind and heart, Darian fearlessly and tirelessly battles for justice in and out of the courtroom.  Gracious, generous and creative, Darian's formidable skills place her squarely in the pantheon of great barristers.”  Randi Saul-Olson, Visalia, California.